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Labor Market


Even though Labor Market may seem as a real chaos,actually,with the passing of time,the improvement of social consciousness and most of all with the consolidation of private business(which is not interested in the dominance of incompetence),is a place in which we can move without any problem and even find our position in it,only by knowing some basic rules.



Self-employment is a useful option for a professional career.Before starting such an experience,it is obligatory to follow some important steps like: Labor Search,Actual needs of the Labor etc. If it is a self-employment in consultancy and service then you should have clear ideas about the field in which you are operating.Albanian Government and Corporations of every city have some facilitations and provisions which have to do with the opening of new businesses from people 18-30 years old.You can find these informations in:

  Post-university Career Planning

Choosing the  post-university studies is another important aspect to form a solid career.We should create a good proceeding plan,discover the programs which match with our needs and consult with professionals of the section in which we are interested.All this should be done without forgetting the requirement of the labor market.


Another important aspect for a healthy career that will make the difference is experience.This experience can be gained from :

Participation in projects,in and out of the country.
Volunteering work.

 A positive experience in one of these areas,is a plus for a complete CV.


One of the basic points for a successful career is the creation of a network.A network which can be enriched in faires of work and also in companies of selection which are a valid option to extend your personal network.Everyday we meet people who can give us different informations which can help in our career en route.We should know how to save this inteconnections with our families,classmates,colleagues,employers,professors or other professionals.We should obtain the circuit of contacts and appointments with as much informations as possible and profit from different situations.

• The well use of means and strategies when searching for a workplace will help you to improve your proficiency to succeed in the labor market.Corresponding information,together with the needed documentation and the creation of contacts network will give us priority during job interviews.


Research is the way how to organize our career. We have divided the research aspect into 4 steps as we will be dealing below:

Valuation of the labor market

Valuation of the market requirements is another important aspect in our career.To valuate the labor market we need: Too much time avaliable,too much patience and a detailed planning.

Identification and pointing of market requirements

At the end of this valuation will be easier for us to focus on the fields that we are interested and are professionaly trained.Pointing of market interests and the points where market interests and our professional ones meet,are the ones which will help us invest over our career.
Preparation and Documentation

Preparation of the CV is another important aspect for our career.There is no special way to prepare a CV accurately but there is a list with the things that should be mentioned and shouldn’t be undervalued for no reason :

Personal data
Career objectives
Qualification summary
Job experience
Professional qualification
Inclusion in community and voluntary experiences

Motivation Letter

Motivation letter is an opportunity to add information about yourself,professional experiences,information which shows what we can do more than others and the fields in which we can make the difference.Be specific about the position for which you are applying : Reflect why you are interested in this company and show your common interests in accordance with the company’s activity :

Explain your education,your professional qualifications ;

Don’t forget to give correct informations about your contacts and personal data.

In some companies ( and this is becoming a trend nowadays ), for certain positions they ask you to write an explanatory essay about yourself to show why you are the right person for that positin etc.That’s why you should always stay alert to the rules of academic writting.The same thing is aquired to be accepted in MA and PHD programmes in all well known universities all over the world.So,be prepared :

Preparation for the interview


Practic rules how to realize a perfect interview and how to be the first candidate in the list of favourites.

What should we take into account:

Be well informed about the company where you are applying.



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This simple and  practic guide is prepared hopefully to serve our students to be prepared and competitive in the first steps of their career.There is a list with some essential rules and should always be taken into account in order to have a dignified presentation, to find our place inside this system which requires always the best.

As you know,all departments have their career consultant.Read the list below:

Career consultants according to departments:

• Edip Değer - Department of Islamic Sciences

• Emirjon Senja - Department of Communication Sciences

• Ada Güven – Law Department

• Mehmet Aslan – English Language and Literature Department

• Hakan Kaçar – Turkish Language and Literature Department

• Matilda Likaj, Ana Uka – Department of Education Sciences

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